Do you work with individuals and families who need extra food assistance? Our Heat-n-Eats meal program can help!

Food For Free’s Heat-n-Eat meals are balanced, tasty, heat-and-serve meals. Keep them frozen onsite for those in need.

Launched in the spring of 2016 and formerly known as our Family Meals program, Heat-n-Eats re-purposes prepared foods into single-serving meals for people with limited access to kitchens. Created from prepared food rescued from local university, corporate, and hospital dining halls, each heat-and-eat meal is a balanced, tasty individual meal for one. Every meal includes a serving of vegetables, protein, and grain or starch.

Heat-n-Eats staff and volunteers turn this food into single-serving meals for:

  • Students struggling with hunger while trying to learn
  • Families sheltered in hotels, without access to kitchens
  • Families, with young children, that are struggling to put dinner on the table
  • Other populations that face barriers to cooking for themselves

Our Heat-n-Eats food preparation kitchen is located on the Biogen Campus in Kendall Square in Cambridge. We are immensely grateful to Biogen and the Biogen Foundation for the donation of our new kitchen space which was built and is used exclusively for our Heat-n-Eats program. If you would like to donate prepared food please take a look at our “Donate Food” page.

Interested in Heat-n-Eats for your organization?

Someone with food safety gloves on pours food into a dish

Get in touch with our team and we’ll tell you more about our Heat-n-Eats program and how your organization can participate: heatneats@foodforfree.org!

“GPA’s Adult Education ESOL Program began distributing Food For Free’s Family Meals, now Heat-n-Eats, in spring 2017 to address the issue of food insecurity among our population. To date over 18,000 healthy frozen meals have been distributed to our ESOL learners and their families. This partnership has had a positive impact on our community, providing hard-working families with meals that are both healthy and quick to prepare. The fact that years later our students keep returning for more meals proves how valuable the service is.” 

― Michelle Duval, Gardner Pilot Academy Adult Education Director