healthy eats

Food For Free’s home delivery program, Healthy Eats, brings fresh fruits, vegetables, pantry items, and protein directly to the homes of qualifying low-income Cambridge residents who are unable to access traditional food pantries due to illness or disability and do not have relatives or caretakers who are able to assist them with groceries. 

Healthy Eats differs from “meals-on-wheels” type programs because we bring groceries – not prepared meals –  to our clients, allowing recipients to cook and prepare their own meals. This model gives seniors and people with disabilities more control over their meals, while providing a supportive service to those who cannot access traditional food pantries or have a support system in place for regular, healthy and nutritious food.

  • Two scheduled deliveries per household per month – clients must be home to receive food

  • 35-40 pounds of food in each delivery

  • 50% of the food delivered is fresh produce

  • Limited special diet boxes available: vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, nut free

Who Qualifies?

  • Cambridge residents only
  • Applicants under 80 years old must provide a Medical referral stating the client is unable to access  local food pantries and also lack a caretaker who can go to a food pantry on their behalf. Participants will not be enrolled without a medical note. 

  • Applicants must also verbally validate that:

    • Everyone in household either: Cannot access food pantries because of disability, impairment, or is under age 18

    • They do not have a nearby relation or caretaker that can go to a food pantry on their behalf

    • They meet the following household income requirements:

      • 1 household member: Less than $32,200

      • 2 household members: Less than $43,550

      • 3 household members: Less than $54,900

Apply Now 

Healthy Eats applicants must live in Cambridge, MA and be unable to use existing food pantries due to age, illness, or disability. Applicants must also qualify as low-income under HUD guidelines (less than $32,200 per year for one person). Interested applicants should call 617-273-0817 or email

” You make me more independent”

“[The program] makes you want to cook.”

“Your deliveries make the difference between me eating produce at all..”

“I feel more secure and happy knowing I can get something in my kitchen to eat.”

― Home Delivery Clients

” Your organization is the most efficient and responsive and flexible agency I ever dealt with! Thank you.”

― Cambridge Housing Authority